House Clearance London

If you are searching Google for phrases like “House Clearance London” you have probably come to that dreaded time that crops up in most people’s lives when a friend or relative has died. And it’s your job to sort out wills and probate and clear their property, in preparation for re-sale.

It’s never an easy task. It can be especially challenging when the person in question was close to you. Or when you find to your dismay that they were to put it mildly … ¬†“a bit of a hoarder“.

House Clearance in Kensington and Chelsea

Move-OnUp offers a quick, hassle-free, green and clean alternative to the traditional skip-hire. It sounds a good idea but anyone who has been there knows how much rigmarole getting even a small skip entails.

Plus with Move-OnUp you get (at no extra charge) the added benefit of an experienced, additional pair of hands …

Try explaining to a skip that you want to keep some treasured, irreplaceable mementos yourself.

You would like other, less important items taken to the local tip. Some things could go to to one of 2 or 3 different charity shops in the next borough.

Another set has to be delivered to your sister, Shelley. She lives in Kensington.

The rest has to go to your Uncle’s Mike’s house and he lives upstairs in a flat (with no lift, of course) in leafy Chelsea.

For you, this is a sad, once or twice in a generation task. Regrettably, for us, there are dozens and dozens of Google¬† searches for “House Clearance London” every single week.

Practice make perfect“. they say. Hence we can remain dispassionate and suggest a logical, tried-and-tested approach to what often can be an upsetting task.

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Garage, Shed, Lockup and Warehouse Relocation in London

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