Whether you need to remove some rubbish or shift some old furniture or other bulky items, a man with a van can be your best bet. It’s efficient, affordable, and easy to arrange – But Read on…

You will need is to do a little research beforehand to find the perfect service for you. We’ve got 10 great tips and advice you need to make your moving experience hassle-free!

10 Tips For Booking A Man With A Van in London

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What Sort of Man With A Van to Choose

Your initial choice is between a genuine local “man with a van” and a well-known national company. Typically, these local firms have only a handful of people and a limited number of vans/trucks at their disposal.

This is not necessarily a disadvantage if you have a smallish job in mind and you are not travelling hundreds of miles. The larger moving companies often have branches nationwide, with numerous trucks and vans available.

With thousands of companies out there, you’ll find plenty of options in your area. Once you’ve found the “man with a van”, you need to consider how much notice to give them when making your booking.

There’s a simple answer: Book as soon as possible. Ideally, book as soon as you have a set moving date.

This will allow time for you to properly plan your move with the company you’ve chosen.

As a minimum, a realistic timeframe for a moving company would be two to six weeks.

How far in advance you book depends on how much you need to move, the logistics and complexity of the job and the distances involved.

(01) Check Whether the Van Has Insurance Coverage Against Any Damage

Hiring a man with a van in London can be cost-effective and convenient, but it’s important to check that the van and driver are both insured. And don’t just take their word for it… Ask to see the documentation.

Unexpected circumstances may occur, leaving you with costly damages or repair expenses. Ensure that the insurance covers any possible damage caused by the driver when loading. Ask about damage to your goods in a traffic accidents and enquire what happens if the van breaks down.

(02) Look for Additional Services Offered

When choosing a man with a van service in London, it’s important to look for additional services they offer. Some services may provide packing and unpacking or offer extra insurance coverage, while others may provide extra items like a trolley or blankets to safeguard your items during the move. Make sure you are aware of any additional services offered when selecting your man with a van service so that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

(03) Collect price quotes from different "man with a van" services.

Before you make your final choice, collect price quotes from different movers or removal companies to see what kind of prices they’re offering. You may find that some services offer more competitive rates than others. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask for discounts if they can give you a better deal for cash. Remember, the key is to research and compare so that you make the best possible decision in saving money and time!

(04) What Size Van Will Be Used ?

Asking the size of the van before you book is essential. Surprisingly, it’s a question that is often overlooked. A larger van will clearly mean more space for your stuff. However, it will use more fuel.

Choosing a smaller van should mean your service provider will charge a lower fee. Be sure to understand what you’re getting before you hire a man with a van! Don’t be fooled into paying for something you really don’t need.

(05) It's a Man With A Van BUT How Many People Will Help With the Move?

Tied in with knowing the size of the van is the number of people who will be helping you move. If you have a lot of “stuff”, you will  require more manpower to get it loaded and unloaded in record time.

Check how much it costs to get a valuable extra pair of hands.

(06) Ask for referrals from friends and family

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to find good services. Many successful companies don’t need to advertise.

Ask friends, family and work colleagues. They may be able to suggest some reliable, reputable options. Even if they don’t use a man with a van themselves, colleagues or acquaintances might know someone who does. Don’t forget to read online reviews too!

(07) Book Your Man With A Van well in advance.

This is one of the most crucial tips when booking these services. It applies not only to the removal company but everyone else involved in the project.

(08) Start Packing early..

Many people wildly underestimate how long organizing and packing can take.

(09) Plan Your Moving Day

Have a well thought out written plan.
Depending on the size of the job in hand, allocate specific people for each role. They will each have a written sub-plan with estimated timings.

(10) Unpacking Afterwards

Again, it depends on the size of the job. Whether you are moving an office, shop, warehouse or your home, you (and the removal company) need to know where everything is going. Check if everything will fit through doors and lifts. You need to work this out well in advance.

Will the removal company provide staff to help?

Hire a removals van and drivers - 3 guys moving a giant plant pot

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