Average Cost of House Removals


The prices shown above are offered as a very rough guide. The actual cost will of course depend on how much work is involved and the distances to be travelled. We will also need to look at the size of the van you need, the fuel charges and Finally, the number of staff required.

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What is the Average Cost of House Removals in London

The average cost of house removals in London varies from £400 to £1000. It’s best to get quotes from multiple removal companies to compare costs and find the best option for your budget.

5 Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving Home.

The average cost of house removals in London can vary widely. It obviously depends on the size of your house, or flat and how far you are moving. However, there are some other factors to consider.

Accessibility to the current and new property. Clearly if either your old or new home is located on a busy main road with double-yellow lines or if it’s a red route, that will add huge challenges for the removal firm. Make sure you advise them about this, well in advance.

Packing and unpacking services. To save costs buy packing materials yourself and have everything safely boxed by the big day.

Insurance coverage. Check with the removal company.

Number of rooms and floors in your old and new home. Are there lifts which may be out of order? Will all your furniture fit through all the doors? If it won’t, what’s the contingency plan?

Are there any additional special requirements or services (e.g. disassembling and reassembling Ikea furniture.) Is anything especially large or heavy which may require extra staff? Grand piano anyone?

Best Time of the Year to Move House


The best time of year to move house will vary depending on personal circumstances and priorities. Here are some factors for you to consider:

  1. Summer: This is a popular time for moving due to the better weather conditions, but it can also be busy and more expensive due to high demand.
  2. Spring/Autumn: These two seasons offer mild weather and are typically less busy than the summer months.
  3. Winter: Generally speaking, the months of December, January and February are the least popular ones for moving, but they can also be the most affordable. As you would expect, there is less demand for removal services. The movers will have less work and may be inclined to offer you a decent discount. However, if the weather is bad, that is sure to make the move more challenging. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Ultimately, the best time to move will depend on your personal circumstances, such as work schedules, school calendars, and availability of moving services. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding on a specific date. Remember though, the more notice you can give, the better it is for everyone concerned.

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